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16 August 2010 @ 06:07 pm
About me  

Jessica. Leo. Shy. Lonely. Open-minded. Sarcastic. Moody. Smart.  Perfectionist.Spanish is my first languagei like reading, baking, laughing, play with photoshop,watching good movies and tv-shows, listening to music..oh I have NO life and it's kinda fun.

Television: Community, LOST, Mad Men, Skins,  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Pushing Daisies, Dexter, That 70’s Show, How I Met Your Mother, Alias, Friday Night Lights

Movies: dead poets society. back to the future. 500 days of summer. beauty and the beast. almost famous. kill bill: vol 1/2. 2 days in paris. the dreamers. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. fight club. anastacia. before sunrise/sunset.  toy story 1/2/3. breakfast club. inglorious basterds . t. pulp fiction. the dark knight. forrest gumpvirgin suicides. when harry met saly. pride and prejudice .school of rock.  the shawshank redemption.

Ships: Jack/Kate,Sawyer/Juliet,Jin/Sun,Cook/Effy,Tony/Cassie,Chris/Jal,Jeff/Britta,Sydney/Vaughn,Eric/Tami,Matt/Julie,Marshall/Lily,Ted/Robin,Monica/Chandler,Ross/Rachel,Ned/Chuck,Charlie/Olivia

Music: Radiohead,The Beatles, David Bowie,Foo Fighters,The Cure, R.E.M,Joy Division,The Doors, Jeff Buckley,Queen,Michael Jackson,Garbage,John Legend,Norah Jones,The Strokes>

the picture of dorian gray. to kill a mockingbird. anne frank: the diary of a young girl. pride & prejudice. the catcher in the rye.  the book thief. one hundred years of solitude. the great gatsby.atonement...